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Tales from the Book Bandit

Stand and Deliver

13 September
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children's lit

Me, myself and I
I am a dual citizen of the fab nations of the United Stated and Great Britain. It is awesome because it means I get to skip past annoying queues at the airport. You know you're jealous. I'm in my mid 20s, short, round, brunette and bespectacled. I work for a literacy charity in London and love my job. I talk about everything from books, films, fandom writing fail and RL. I am also taking part in the 100 Things Challenge. My 100 posts are on "Art I Like" -- so lots of pretty pictures at the moment, if you like that kind of thing. I am also pretty sure peanut butter was God's gift to humanity.

Me, myself and fandom
I do write fanfiction as often as I can but I keep that at a different journal: thewordtree. Feel free to friend that journal instead of this one if you just want to read my work. :) My fandoms include: Suits, X-Men: First Class, Teen Wolf, Merlin (BBC), Avengers, Inception and Star Trek: Reboot. To a lesser extent, I have dabbled in: Sherlock (BBC), Doctor Who, Fringe, The Eagle, Naruto, Harry Potter, Supernatural, and Firefly.

Me, myself and friends
My journal used to be completely open to anyone who wanted a look but several years ago I f-locked it for practical reasons. So now it's about 85% friends only. But please friend away. :D I'm a social person so am open to making lots of new friends. I'd love you introduce yourself, otherwise you'll not make it past many of my filtered posts... just sayin.

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